LoeL - League of Emotions Learners

LoeL – League of Emotions Learners is a strategic partnership created with the support of the Erasmus+ Programme.
LoeL project aims at empowering young people so they are able to develop their emotional competences, to identify and express self-emotions, to establish successful communication with others both online and offline, to be aware of the limits and potential of ICT-based communication and to manage emotions in professional environments (including volunteering experiences, within a company or when being entrepreneurs).
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About the project

The project is created for young people and youth workers. Visit this section to discover more about what it offers to you.

LoeL App​

The League of Emotions Learners App combines learning and fun. Find out how the world of emotions can bring lots of challenges and enjoy!

Trainers Academy

If you are a youth workers or trainer, this space brings you insipiration, ideas and resources to work with in the topic of emotions  learning and management.

We want to know more about You

All of us are Emotions Learners! Counting on resources to deal with them and be able to manage our emotions in a positive way is a great help in our personal and professional life.

Join our League of Emotions Learners, also in social media, and share with us your ideas and experiences.

We are willing to know more about you!

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