With LOEL you will be able to…

We all know that emotions are universal but what about their interpretation? Sometimes it can lead to misunderstandings. With LOEL you will not have to  worry about any of these things anymore!

Using the LoeL APP you will be able to express and communicate your emotions withou problems!

LoeL gives you lots of benefits for your personal and professional life!

  • You will be more aware of the Emotional Intelligence competences.
  • You will be able to recognise the benefits of managing your emotions.
  • You will know how to express your emotions and communicate through (videos, pictures, audio…).
  • You will discover how new technologies and its own languages can shape communication and how to use them to express your emotions.

Last but not least!

It is important that you know that nowadays companies consider ICTs and social media a crucial part of their labour environments. So, you need to be able to understand the languages and codes of these communication methods.