What is this project about?

LOEL is a European project that focuses on the importance of emotions expressions of young people. This project wants to raise awareness on the cultural factors that rely on the expression channels and how do these communication channels and technologies influence the expression of their emotions. 


Because emotional competences are a basic key success factor in personal and professional life. The capacity to express and identify emotions is an advantage to join the labour market. Having these skills will help you to develop a high-quality skill with special focus on professional environments.

But how are we going to do this?

Young people use ICT-based communication and it has its own codes and languages such as emojis, gifs, videos, pictures, etc. This project has developed an APP (available for IOs and Android) that includes gamified activities and resources to help young people. It will increase their awareness and they will learn about communication, management and emotions recognition.

Wait... is there more?

Besides the APP, the project also offers a set of ideas, resources, examples… addressed to the Youth Workers to support them in their work with the youth collective. 

These materials are created to serve as guideline for those professionals working with young people, with the objective of providing them with game-based and non-formal learning methodologies focused on emotions identifications, management and communication skills and competences. The methods are not only transferrable from online to offline scopes, but from the informal and non-formal to formal education.