The League of Emotions Learners is on his way

The League of Emotions Learners is on his way

Is there anything more universal than emotions? We all experience them all the time, and our ability to recognize and manage them is one of the key aspects of what we know as Emotional Intelligence.

Since Peter Salovey and John Mayer used the term for the first time, back in 1990, it has rained a lot. We are increasingly aware of the importance of recognizing and regulating our own emotions (who has not been tricked by a bad reaction).

 But in the professional field, the need for staff with the ability to recognize others’ emotions, to interact properly, and even to become self-motivated, is more and more recognized.

New generations are entering the working world, and those called by Prensky as “digital natives” are used to interacting in environments and through digitized channels in which emotions also play a key role.

LoeL is born of this context, trying to provide young people with skills and resources so that the recognition and management of their own emotions is carried out successfully. Through a mobile application, we propose a series of gamified activities that aim to help the group of young people develop their emotional skills.

The League of Emotions Learners gets going, and you are invited to take part with us in this experience.