We also manage our emotions

When it seems that everything is upside down... we are able to overcome difficulties and meet challenges!


Frustration – “emotion that appears in our lives when we do not manage to realize our projects”.

While during the first months of 2020 the news about the Covid-19 were running like wildfire, it was becoming more and more evident that we would have unforeseen difficulties in completing our project successfully.

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Our first phase of testing with young people was almost complete, and we had several months ahead of us to implement a communication strategy that would allow us to reach more than 500 users worldwide. In addition, the July partners’ meeting seemed clearly out of the question, which could be an obstacle to the project’s closure.

Yes, frustration was the first emotion, we had everything so well organized… But we learned the lesson, the first step to overcome frustration is acceptance. By being able to accept the reality we were living we managed to change it.

Empathy, creativity and teamwork have been the ingredients that have allowed us to complete the planned objectives. We increased the frequency of virtual meetings, sought additional mechanisms supported by ICTs to communicate with each other and with our target groups, and devised specific activities to bring the App LoeL to as many users as possible.

And although this month of July we will miss seeing each other in Cagliari, we face the final phase of the project with enthusiasm, and with the certainty that we will be able to overcome the difficulties by managing our emotions properly.